Homo Luminous refers to a new kind of human emergence, foretold in Incan myth, characterized by a quantum shift in consciousness to a more essential, perceptual state that is capable of dreaming a new world into being. It represents our collective evolutionary journey.

The journey that birthed this album began collectively two and a half years ago, when some friends were putting up a poignant fight to save their young son, Christofer, who had an inoperable brain tumor. His dad, Ed, a guitar teacher, had donated a guitar to a fundraiser for his son and for some reason, I bid on it. I didn’t even play at the time. I was just drawn to it.

With that guitar, something had changed. I started playing Beatles songs for my kids at bedtime and they loved it. Then my wife suggested that I write a song for our son for his 10th birthday. While I had no idea how to write a song, I sat down anyway and wrote the music and lyrics to what became “Splittin’ the Atom.” I thought it was a singular event, but writing that song opened up something in me that had been dormant my whole life. From then on the songs kept coming…this album is the result.

Music has always been able to take us on a journey. At its best, it inducts and opens us to the numinous. These songs emerged out of a confluence of events in my life that I couldn’t have predicted or, through sheer will, manufactured.

I hope you enjoy it. It is a celebration of what I’ve found to be the most transformational place in the universe…the Heart Center.

Chris Amodeo